Integral Psychology:

an integrative approach to health 



An integral approach to understanding another individual entails taking into account the many interrelated parts of the human being - biological, emotional, intellectual, relational and spiritual/religious. Such an approach allows a more complete understanding of the individual and his or her unique life circumstances.


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Utilizing the research, teachings, and wisdom from many different disciplines and practices allows a more comprehensive approach to working with clients in therapy. In addition to the many different schools of psychology, we integrate insights from neuroscience, mind/body approaches, nutrition, spiritual/religious traditions (Western and Eastern), the arts & humanities, Integral Theory, and alternative health practices.


The world's many different cultural traditions provide another valuable and diverse source of wisdom. Respecting these differences, drawing on their healing traditions, and acknowledging the important role that culture plays in the client's life is an essential part of integral psychotherapy.

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Dr. Thompson conducted his doctoral studies at the California Institute of Integral Studies - an institution leading the way in the movement towards an integrative understanding of the human and the world.

For more info on the Integral approach to psychotherapy, please visit our sister-organization's website: Chiron: Center for Integral-Relational Studies