Couples Therapy in Minneapolis

"Relationships are the great spiritual challenge of our time." -Richard Tarnas


Relationships inevitably come with a generous dose of conflict. How the couple handles these challenges determines whether the relationship can adapt and grow or end in break-up. Over the past few decades relationships have become increasingly complex. They have been charged with the task of meeting more and more needs--emotional needs, sexual needs, friendship and companionship needs, financial partnership, intellectual stimulation, spiritual partnership, and child rearing. Negotiating all of these currents is no small feat.

When two complex individuals come together, needs and emotions inevitably conflict. As this friction heats up, communication becomes strained. At this point, a third party can prove very helpful in restoring productive communication and re-establishing mutual understanding.

Here, at Integral Psychotherapy, we believe couples therapy has become increasingly valuable in our modern world. We also frequently witness that couples therapy can be the most effective vehicle for personal growth and transformation--often more effective than individual therapy.

Couples counseling entails meeting with a therapist, laying out the nature of the challenges, working towards clear mutual understanding, building productive communication strategies, and developing strategies to meet the challenges. For more information, contact us and we can answer any questions and set up an intial appointment to see if our services could be helpful to you.

Watch our videos on the challenge of relationships in our time: click here.