Jungian Psychology - Minneapolis, MN

                                    A drawing from Jung's "Red Book"

                                    A drawing from Jung's "Red Book"

Jungian Psychology (or Analytical Psychology, as Jung called it) offers a unique and powerful tool for understanding the human psyche, healing the modern individual's feeling of malaise, and finding meaning and direction in life.

Carl Jung pioneered an approach to understanding the human being through an exploration of the world of dreams, myths, and art. By paying attention to these symbolic expressions of the human soul, an individual can gain deeper self-knowledge and overcome the major sources of suffering for the modern individual: troubled and unfulfilling relationships, disconnection from a deeper source of meaning, and the isolation of life in a modern, urban world.

Integral Psychotherapy offers Jungian psychotherapy for those interested in understanding themselves more deeply and exploring the beautiful and mysterious archetypal patterns that shape our lives.

For more info on Jungian psychology, please visit our sister organization's page here.  Through this organization we offer training--talks, classes, and consultation groups--in Jungian, Depth, and Archetypal Psychology.

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