Mind-Body Healing in Minneapolis, MN

Increasingly health practitioners from a variety of disciplines are seeing the human body and the psyche as two aspects of a larger whole that ultimately can not be separated into body and soul.  The bones, muscles, circulatory system, and nervous system are seen as interwoven with emotions, thoughts, sense of self, as well as spiritual, existential, and archetypal aspects of the individual.  If a treatment intervention is aimed at only one level of the person (attempting to understand and treat back pain or immune deficiency solely through physical treatment) it may be missing a key causal factor (an emotional holding pattern that chronically tightens certain muscle groups or spiritual disconnection that leads to an imbalanced life-style).  Therefore, a holistic, integrative perspective is needed to take into account the whole individual--body, mindy, soul & spirit.

At Integral Psychotherapy, we see health from this holistic perspective.

Galen David, MFA, MA offers mind-body therapy.  Galen has a background in the liberal, visual, and martial arts and has spent decades acquiring tools to clarify the human experience.

A Feldenkrais session

As a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner, Galen helps clients develop greater freedom and spontaneity through a concrete exploration of functional movement principles. Individual sessions, called Functional Integration® lessons, involve gentle movement explorations facilitated by non-invasive touch and verbal cues. These explorations are to the service of disrupting habitual patterns of organization and movement, and increasing the ease and efficiency of the student's self-use.

As a psychotherapist Galen is equally committed to supporting patients in the practice of learning new ways to experience themselves, their relationships, and their sense of meaning and purpose. In both modalities, Galen's objective is to help people make finer distinctions in their perception of experience, and to be able to act and interact with vitality and potency.

If you are interested in pursuing healing from this mind-body-soul-spirit perspective, contact us to set up an initial appointment.